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Parsian Azadi Hotel in Isfahan

Parsian Azadi Hotel in Isfahan

Finding a comfortable and secure base in the vicinity of the most vibrant tourist scene of a city is probably the top-priority matter to consider for a traveler on a sightseeing tour. The issue is even more pressing if your destination is a city as glorious and multifaceted as Isfahan. Parsian Azadi Hotel in Isfahan is one such ideal base especially for sightseeing tourists who want to be near the major historic highlights of the city. As a branch of the famous Iranian chain brand hotels, Parsian Azadi Group, this three-star accommodation holds 52 rooms and a couple of suites in its three-floor building. There are plenty of amenities in the rooms and the lobby including LCD TV, complimentary internet access and adjustable air-conditioner. As with any other Isfahan hotel, breakfast is included in the room rate and is served in the stylish Si-o-se-Pol restaurant on the ground floor. The restaurant takes its name from Si-o-se-Pol, a four-centuries old stunning bridge that connects two parts of Isfahan. And the marvelous thing is that Si-o-se-Pol is just a two minutes’ walk from the site of the hotel. Other historic spots aren’t far either. A short taxi ride will take you to the splendors of Naqsh-e Jahan Square. This epic structure with its stupendous collection of architectural masterpieces attests to the city’s mighty status as a cultural tourism hub. Literally translated to ‘the image of the world’, Naqsh-e Jahan Square is the largest historic plaza in the world. At the time of its completion in the early 17th century, most of the world was still dominated by the trinity of monarchy, religion and commerce. The formidable Safavid king, Shah Abbas, appointed some of the most consummate masters and artisans of his age led by the arch philosopher and architect Sheikh Bahai to materialize his dream of an ‘exemplar of the world’ in his capital city. They responded by constructing a massive square representing the world surrounded by its three pillars, religion (Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Shah Mosque), commerce (the imperial bazaar) and monarchy (Ali Qapu Palace, the seat of the king). Not even this wildly ambitious project satisfied the king who wanted his capital to be the most glorious city in the world. The artisans didn’t disappoint the king. Soon every part of the city sparkled with spectacular landmarks. Besides Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Si-o-se-Pol, one could mention Chaharbagh Avenue, Chehel Sotoun, Khaju Bridge and Jameh Mosque of Isfahan among dozens of cultural tourist attractions in Isfahan known for their monumental expanse and artistic finesse. With such a mind-blowing set of attractions, it is no surprise that Isfahan tours are always on top of all tourism charts of Iran. For joining an Isfahan tour the best option is to make online reservations in advance. Before doing that however, you should decide on where you intend to start your tour. Although Iranian tour operators organize Isfahan tours from most of the major cities in Iran, Tehran is the most recommended origin, especially for foreign travelers.


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Parsian Azadi Hotel in Isfahan

Parsian Azadi Hotel in Isfahan

Parsian Azadi Hotel in Isfahan

Parsian Azadi Hotel in Isfahan


Parsian Azadi Hotel in Isfahan Parsian Azadi Hotel in Isfahan Parsian Azadi Hotel in Isfahan Parsian Azadi Hotel in Isfahan Parsian Azadi Hotel in Isfahan

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SevenHostels Group

Escavia on 7/22/2018
Dear sir, we are three friends who will travel to Iran on October . Would it be possible to have two rooms, one double and one single from 9 to 12 October? And what would be the estimated price? Thank you por your attention and hope to meet you soon. Carmelo Aurora Àngels

Room Available

Dear Escavia

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Thank you very much for your interest in our services. At the moment, there is availability on your desired dates. You can find more information about the price on the link below:

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