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Parsian Azadi Hotel in Yazd

Parsian Azadi Hotel in Yazd

Yazd is one of the most historic cities in the Middle-East and the only one in Iran to be inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage sites. As a constant presence among the top-five tourist destinations in Iran, Yazd boasts a big and lucrative hospitality sector. All major Iranian chain-brand hotels have branches in Yazd. Parsian Azadi Hotel in Yazd is one of the many branches of Iran Parsian Azadi Hotels around the country. Azadi Hotel is a three-star accommodation located in the midst of a beautiful garden. In comparison with other branches of Parsian Azadi hotel, it is fairly small with only 32 rooms. But all rooms are well-equipped and the staff exceptionally professional. As with the other branches of the group, Parsian Azadi Hotel in Yazd is very popular and that is why Iran tour operators prefer to complete the booking process months prior to their arrival. The prices, however, might be a tad high for the people on a limited budget. For those travelers, our suggestion is more economy options among Yazd’s hotels. The great thing about Yazd’s cheap hotels is that in spite of their low costs they offer many great facilities not so different from those of a fancy Iranian accommodation. For instance, all Yazd hotels, irrespective of their level of luxury, offer online booking services and superb room service. Furthermore, most of the hotels in Yazd are located in or near the old town in the vicinity of the world-famous historic monuments of the city. Other options in the category of cheap accommodation in Yazd include hostels and guesthouses. Cheap hostels appeared in the scene of Iranian hospitality market quite late, just a couple of years ago. But the establishment of these magnificent youth hostels in major cities like Tehran, Isfahan, and Yazd was met with such an acclaim that soon they became the number-one choice of accommodation for budget travelers. Besides their fantastic youthful atmosphere and international vibe, some of the cheap hostels in Yazd are located in the historic districts of the city; thus, adding an exotic quality to the already wonderful experience of the economy lodge. Traditional guesthouses are another type of budget lodge in Yazd. Long before there were any hostels in Iran, they were the perfect replacement for cheap hotels and you could find one in all historic cities like Yazd and Isfahan.


 Parsian Azadi Hotel in Yazd

As you can see from the general introduction above, one never wonders about where to stay in Yazd. All you need to do is to pack your bags and plan ahead your memorable days in the city of windcatchers.

Parsian Azadi Hotel’s Amenities

Parsian Azadi Hotel is superb regarding address and location since it is less than 5 km away from the old town of Yazd. If you are traveling by car, free parking space is available in the hotel. Parsian Azadi Hotel’s photos will show you a single-floor building surrounded by a beautiful garden. The rooms in the hotel are spacious and equipped with modern facilities such adjustable air-conditioner, WI-FI and of course telephone. You can enjoy delicious local and international meals in the restaurant of the hotel. Breakfast is included and free of charge and you can either have it in the restaurant or have it delivered to your room. Before embarking on your journey and setting foot in Parsian Azadi Hotel you can make your reservation and know about the details. That will include Parsian Azadi Hotel’s prices and special deals.


Parsian Azadi Hotel in Yazd



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Parsian Azadi Hotel in Yazd Parsian Azadi Hotel in Yazd Parsian Azadi Hotel in Yazd Parsian Azadi Hotel in Yazd Parsian Azadi Hotel in Yazd

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